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Dinosaur Stone Age Stampede
Why Dinosaur?

We love our corner of the state and we think you will too. We knew it would help if you had one more reason to stick around and experience our unique community nestled in the tracks of the Dinosaurs. We neighbor the beautiful canyon lands of the Dinosaur National Monument in our big back yard.

"Can you imagine the way the setting of the sun felt on the faces of the tired cowboys as they crossed the high desert those many years ago. The coolness of the evening breeze whipping down the deeply cut veins of the cliff face. A welcome sight of The Blue Mountain rising up over the horizon as they fell into a steady gallop and disappeared into the shadows of the rugged terrain. The same landscape that was home to the ancient giants whose only trace left are their bones buried deep in its jagged places; this was a environment that was unforgiving and feral. A place that revealed its beauty in its vast splendor and grand rivers but always seemed to come with a high cost. This is the little sliver of our past hidden away from the fast and relentless burdens of the modern world and the place we escape to when on the run with the precious and rare metals of our time. Golden grains of sand stolen away from the demanding hourglass of our lives.

I'd like to think in these breathtakingly beautiful moments that we are not that far off from the sacred memories our ancestors shared. This may be a different sunset in a completely different world, but in those quieter moments of awe you can almost imagine the way the sun felt to those hell bent Outlaws. The way the familiar sight of The Blue Mountain, Spilt Rock, Plug Hat, the Gates of Ladore and The Park (Browns Park) felt when they were within reach. The way the narrow canyon lands welcomed home Butch Cassidy and The Wild Bunch, the Sundance Kid, the Bassett Gang, the Queen of Cattle Rustling and ole Bootlegging Josie herself. Legendary characters on the range but ultimately known for their generous nature to the underdog and fierce loyalty to their friends. Come visit this place that I can only imagine has bore witness to so many stories and campfire tales that it begs for an audience again." Emma Baker - Dinosaur, CO 2022

Town of Dinosaur
Town of Dinosaur
Local Attractions
Local Attractions

Dinosaur National Monument - the canyons side!
Dinosaur Diamond

Join the Stampede

Join us in Dinosaur, Colorado for this family friendly weekend of fun.

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